Therapy For Therapists

Being a therapist is an incredible gift. You have the privilege of receiving trust from the clients you see in therapy as you help them better themselves and their lives. You pour into their lives by offering your experience, expertise, and insight to help them navigate their concerns. As fulfilling and satisfying as it can be to help others, it can also be hard at times. Hard to give when you yourself may be running on empty or feeling burned out. Hard when you find that your own personal experiences and history may be impacting your work with others. This may be because you’ve neglected yourself in the process of helping others, because the work you do weighs heavily on you both in and out of work, or because your personal life has caused you pain and stress.

As much as your clients deserve support, empowerment, healing, and growth, so do you! Dr. Rios is a licensed psychologist who has experience helping other therapists navigate their lives. All so you can become more effective and healthy as an individual and therapist. This experience also includes supporting pre-licensed therapists (MFT trainees and associates, pre-doctoral psychology students) as they complete personal growth hours. Additionally, Jessica has the unique perspective of being a pre-licensed therapist and can offer guidance and support to other therapists navigating the balance between caring for self while caring for others. We would love the opportunity to come alongside you in your own personal journey of therapy.

If you are interested in personal therapy and want to take the first step to becoming a healthier, balanced, and more content YOU, contact us today! We are based in Riverside, California, but our telehealth services allow us to meet with anyone throughout California.