Consultation Services

We should be continuing to learn and grow, no matter how long we’ve been practicing in the mental health field. That is Dr. Rios‘ philosophy as a psychologist, supervisor, and consultant. There are various ways we can continue to learn and deepen our clinical skills, and consultation is one of several valuable options. Whether you’re looking for support in your role as a supervisor or would like the benefit of a clinical consultation to help you conceptualize/treat your client through a different lens, we can help. Keep reading below to learn more.

Consultations for New and Current Supervisors

Dr. Rios is a Licensed Psychologist (PSY25690) and California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) Certified Supervisor. She has ten years of experience supervising pre-doctoral psychology interns, Marriage and Family Therapist trainees, and Marriage and Family Therapist associates. Here’s how consultation can help you in your supervisory role:

  • New Supervisors
    • We help you walk through legal, ethical, and clinical aspects of supervision so you can feel confident in your new role. Possible topics of discussion include developing your philosophy and approach to supervision, goal-setting and evaluations, how to adapt your approach based on the level of education and skill of supervisees, and developing more structure within your practice related to supervision (e.g. developing certain policies/expectations).
  • Current Supervisors
    • We help you deepen your supervision skills and offer support in addressing challenging or unique situations with supervisees.
  • CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program

Clinical Consultations

Regarding consultations for clinical concerns, Dr. Rios has extensive experience working in a variety of settings and has worked with a broad range of clients and concerns. As a supervisor and licensed psychologist, she is able to provide an objective outside perspective about clients while attending to legal, ethical, and clinical aspects. She aims to help therapists feel more confident and competent in their clinical work.

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